Sunday, October 5, 2014

Yoga Pants: 30 Days of Random

somehow this time it came out clearer than the previous post
Today's people-picked topic pants.  

This will be short, as my knowledge of yoga pants is extremely limited. 

1)  yoga pants make women's butts look amazing (if they have amazing butts)
2)  yoga pants make women's butts look gigantic (if they have gigantic butts)

I guess what I'm saying is...if you're wearing yoga pants, I can see your butt.  All of your butt.  And maybe that's your point.  I don't know.  Ostensibly I'd think that the purpose of yoga pants is...workout pants that are to be worn during yoga.  But I'm also well-aware that the ratio of yoga practicers:yoga pants-wearers is extreeeeeeeemley yoga pants themselves when you bend over in them.  (again, this might be a good OR a bad thing, thong-wearers).

Yoga pants have become to women today what sweatpants were to the women of yesterday:  Really comfortable light pants to be worn when you didn't shower and the law requires you to put pants on in order to drop your kids off at school. 

I'm pro yoga pants.


  1. Well now this has caused me to ponder men in yoga offense, but that sounds awul!

  2. I'm not sure why, but I have never been comfortable going outside of the house in sweat/yoga/light-pants-of-the-hour. I'm pretty sensitive about my ass, so perhaps that's it. Or perhaps it was just that I was taught growing up (for better or for worse) that one wears certain clothes indoors, and others outdoors. If I wear something out of the house, when I get home to relax, I change out of my "outside" clothes into "inside" clothes, just as I changed out of my "school" clothes into "play" clothes when I was in school. I recently started yoga after finally being cleared post-abdominal-surgery for MILD activity - and when I left the house in yoga pants (or what I figured might pass for them, I don't think I actually own any REAL ones) I felt really naked. Go fig.