Saturday, October 25, 2014


Day 25...Blueberries.

Sometimes I struggle figuring out what to write for these topics.  But the people have spoken and they people want to learn my feelings on blueberries.

Blueberries are expensive as shit.  I don't know why exactly, but maybe it's because they're really only in season in the spring (that's right...right?) so maybe they're really expensive berries to raise and make money on.  I don't know. 

They're not REALLY even blue.  I always try to think of foods that are blue that occur in nature, and the only one that seems like it's even close is the blueberry, but it's more...purplish blue-ish.  So what are some blue foods.  I'm coming up blank.

Blueberries get fuzzy really fast.  When I pack lunches for Lily I usually cut up strawberries for her so they're in bite size pieces, then sprinkle a bunch of blueberries in the bowl because she gets tired of all one taste and likes a little variety.  So we always have blueberries.  Anyway, sometimes I forget them because I get lazy and don't want to cut strawberries, so the strawberries grow fuzz and get soft and mushy and the blueberries almost grow like...white moss on them.  And I toss them.

Blueberries are called a "super food" so I think that means you should eat them to be healthy. 

Outback used to have a really good blueberry martini.  I haven't been there in a while so I'm not sure they still do, but it was awesome as fru-fru drinks go.

Finally...blueberries are either really sweet, or too tart, but rarely tartly sweet.  And the sweet version is not super flavorful, and the tart version isn't the "good" kind of tart...more like..."are you sure these are ripe" tart.  So I don't blueberries. 

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  1. Freeze them. They freeze and unfreeze beautifully and then you don't get the fuzz. Strawberries freeze well, too.