Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Day 14's topic is "Chia Pets".  This is yet ANOTHER topic about which I know very little. 

Growing up I wanted a Chia Pet.  Okay...sidebar...growing up I wanted a ton of stupid shit.  The biggest and least stupid thing that I wanted was Legos.  I didn't get those goddamn Legos until I was 18.  At 18, tired of listening to me bitch ceaselessly each Christmas Day, my parents broke down and bought me Legos.  I lost them.  No idea where they went.  I was 18...what the hell was I supposed to do with Legos?  But it was still a funny present.

Okay...continuation of the sidebar...lots of stupid shit

Pet Rock
X-Ray glasses
Spud gun
Sea Monkeys...

Look...okay...pretty much the entire back page of any comic book published in the 70's I wanted.  I got Legos, at 18.  End of list. 

Seriously?  I was 6 years old.  YEAH I wanted a shrunken head. YEAH I want a device that prints out money, and a spy pen radio, and ...and...and....

Anyway, I wanted a bunch of stupid shit when I was a kid.  One of the stupid things I wanted was a chia pet.  I don't think I really even knew what it was, but the song was catchy.  I guess you plant seeds...chia seeds...on the outside of this ceramic object shaped like a sheep or a mustache or whatever and water it and it grows.  But I am an anathema to plants, and perhaps my parents knew that, or maybe I never actually vocalized my desire for a chia pet, because either way I never got one. 

I don't want a chia pet now.  That's just to clear it up before I get it on this Christmas morning from my parents because they read the blog and decided that 45 was a good age to finally get me a chia pet.


  1. It would make me really really really really happy if the outcome of suggesting this topic was that you're inundated with chia pets for Christmas.

    P.S. I wanted *everything* on the back page of the comics. Sea monkeys were the biggest disappointment of my childhood, I saved up months for those suckers!

    1. Sea monkeys were a grave disappointment to many a child of that era. People who market to kids are cruel. And now I want to send Jim a Chia Zombie.

    2. They looked so fun! The dad with is his little microscopic briefcase. The mom in her apron. Was it...not like that?

    3. No, and there was no king with a trident either *shakes fist*

  2. Now you can eat chia seeds in everything.

    I really wanted a mood ring.

  3. Oh Archie comics and sea monkeys... I never got any either. I think we *did* have a chia pet, but because my mom wanted it. Of course, I may be completely fabricating that memory, who knows. She DID have a pet rock - that I'm sure I remember. Really.

    1. i might just buy sea monkeys now so that I can experience the same disappointment everyone else did.