Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Candy Corn vs. Candy Pumpkins

Day 22 should be a quick one. Candy corns vs. Candy Pumpkins. It's almost Halloween, and I just picked up a few bags of candy corns, so you can probably already see which side I'm on.

Some candies/treats are polarizing. Candy corn is a decent example. MOST people either like them or dislike them, with not a lot of middle ground. I like them.  I know a lot of people hate them. Here's a short list of polarizing candies:

Black jelly beans
Candy Corn
Circus Peanuts
Blood pudding

Back to candy corn vs. candy's the same junk. I'm not really sure why they made candy pumpkins in the first place. They taste identical. It's just taking some perfectly good candy, changing the shape and calling it a new candy. Like if someone changed gummi bears into some other worms. Or someone took a pizza and made it into a square. That kind of shit just isn't done.  Or maybe it is, but it's stupid.

I bite the layers off starting with the little white tip.  There's no taste difference, I just like doing it.  I really don't have much to add about candy pumpkins except that they're just to candy corns what gummi worms are to bears or sicilian pizza is to normal pizza.  They're not as aesthetically pleasing. 

Advantage:  Candy corn


  1. lol! I like the candy corn better too

  2. Have you tried to make your own??? I've been tempted, but who has the damn time??? Also, why is it called "candy corn" anyway? Are they meant to look like corn kernels? Because they don't look like any corn kernels *I've* ever come across...