Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Smart, Pretty Daughters

Day 28's official topic is, "How hard it is to have two daughters smarter and prettier than you are."  This will be probably one of the shortest posts of this 30 day period.

It's not hard. It's so bloody simple.  I think that almost every parent hopes and prays when his children are born that they'll be happy, healthy, intelligent, funny, beautiful, well-liked, successful, etc.  I cannot imagine any decent father being upset that his kids ended up being happier, healthier, smarter, prettier, more popular, richer, more respected, than he is/was. 

So while I have a pretty positive opinion of myself...I want nothing more than for my kids to be better than I am in every and any category imaginable. 

How hard is it?  As hard as lying in bed.  As hard as leaving the dishes until tomorrow.  As hard as drinking a cold beer on a hot day.  As hard as cutting warm butter with a hot knife.

It's eeeeeeeeeasy. 

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