Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Is it better to freeze to death or burn to death? 30 Days of Random

Today's installment of post topics by-the-people deals with a very important hypothetical question...Is it better to freeze or burn to death?

This seems like sort of a no-brainer to me.  I've been really cold before.  REALLY cold.  And I know that having been really cold, it's unpleasant, even painful.  And I know too that in order to freeze to death I'd have to live with that discomfort until I finally died, slow and steady.  On the other hand, I've also been burned by...various objects (clothing iron, for example...stupid wrinkle)...and it's not so much unpleasant as flat out horrible pain.  And I realize that although burning to death (in a fire, say) would be much quicker than freezing to death, it would also be wayyyyyy more painful.

I give the nod to freezing to death.  Further...without qualifiers...I prefer to be flash frozen to death.  At my previous-previous job, we went to a fish hatchery.  They flash freeze fish so that the slower freezing process doesn't change the flavor of the fish or so that the killing doesn't do that...or maybe it's both.  I don't know...the rules of my own exercise prohibit me from looking it up.  Anyway...dunk me in a tank of liquid Nitrogen! 

Also...fun related thing...then drop me or hit me with a hammer and watch my body shatter!  Fun for the whole family!

I feel like I should post my depression picture here because it's blue and that could be me, frozen solid.  but I should have icicles or something hanging from my nose.

In summary...it's better to freeze to death.


  1. The thing about freezing to death is that you actually fall asleep before you freeze.

  2. Yes. Freezing. You fall asleep in a bit of euphoria. WAY better than the pain of burning...