Thursday, October 16, 2014

Things in My Junk Drawer

Day 16 and we're looking in my junk drawer.  It doesn't get a helluva lot more random than this.  Does everyone have a junk drawer?

Here's what mine looked like a couple days ago when I took this picture.

You could play eye spy with this thing.  It's packed so tightly that when I take anything out, I have to take everything out and replace it all "just so" that it all fits back in it again.  Otherwise no.  Mostly pens and pencils, a few tools, a knife, a calculator, some cards, a few chargers of various connection types.

Oh, and my prized possession...the Swingline stapler.  I stole it from a place I used to work, but I used a labelmaker to put my name on it to throw the cops off my trail.  Nobody will ever suspect that stapler doesn't belong to me.  My name is RIGHT ON IT!!

See at the back on the left side?  There's some notepaper...that's also the overflow area.  I know in my heart of hearts that if I put something in the junk drawer, and it's somehow NOT in the junk drawer?  Well that's because it fell out the back and is resting in a bowl or something in the cabinet below the drawer.  That notepad is like one drawer-slam away from joining the bowls in the cabinet.

Look just to the right of the tape measure.  See what looks like a rubber band twisted around some paper clips?  That's a paper clip slingshot I made for Emma that she's not allowed to take to school by some fascist fun-hating dictator.

If you have questions about my junk drawer, by all means, let's hear them.


  1. It is a relatively well-organized junk drawer. I am impressed!

  2. Are you inside my head? Lol. Reading this I felt like I had wrote it. I have 2 junk drawers tho. One looks like yours. The other. Well it looks like....Junk..

  3. You manage to keep all that in a DRAWER? You should see my junk DESK. Nay, my junk ROOM. It drives M bonkers. But he doesn't have to be in it, so there.