Friday, October 10, 2014

Top Five Favorite Bands/Soloist

Day 10...we're a third of the way through this nightmare, boys and girls...

So the first thing you should know about me when thinking about this topic is...I hate "favorite" type questions.  I approach these things very literally, and so for me, answering the question "what is your favorite band?" means trying to imagine a world where I had nothing but their music for the rest of my life...or being told, "No, you picked THIS can't listen to THAT band, but you should be fine with that because THIS band is your favorite." 

I like hard rock in general, but there are times when I don't want it anymore.  It's too thrashy/crashy/noisy for me and I want something mellower.  There are times when my FAVORITE band is the band I want to hear least.  The question is slightly better because it allows me to pick more than one, but that's just as problematic ultimately because picking five means NOT picking number six...and why is the five band more favorite than the six...or for that matter, why is five not four???  HUH???

I'M NORMAL! (If i say it forcefully enough everyone will eventually believe it, right?)

So the question feels..."uncomfortable" to me.  It would have been completely comfortable if it had been, "What are five bands/soloists that you really enjoy?"  No ranking...

Alright, so listing five means I have to give qualifiers.  Just because I think this band is part of my top five doesn't mean that I think the band itself is "better" than any of the bands that I don't pick.  That sounds super confusing, so let me use an example:  I think the Beatles might have been the best band of all time.  I like a ton of their music.  They were a huge influence on rock.  They were wildly commercially successful.  Their music stood the test of time.  They sold out stadiums.  That said...they aren't in my list of five.

This list will be a snapshot of five bands that I seem to be playing the most of lately.

Followup caveat...I hardly ever listen to music anymore unless my kids are in the car, so my list is going to be dated by about five years.  The bands I'm listing are bands that I was listening to when I was downloading music and listening more frequently.  Now it's all audiobooks and top 40 music.

Okay, without further adieu:

1)  System of a Down
2)  Coheed and Cambria
3)  Fair to Midland
4)  Silversun Pickups
5)  Muse
6)  Metric

I had to add another one.  These aren't in any particular order, so don't try to pin me down!


  1. Yeah, tough question. I listen to so much different stuff it's near to impossible, and is so related to my mood. Though right now I'm listening to Primus doing Willy Wonka...

    1. I wanted to like Primus back in the day...and I did to an extent. But never enough to really listen to them without a break.