Monday, October 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner

Day 27's topic is Thanksgiving Dinner.  I picked today to publish it because it is happening in one month's time.  November 27th is a Thursday, so you'd better have your ducks in a

I have written about Thanksgiving a couple times before.  I won't link you to them, you can search if you want, I don't remember there being anything particularly poignant about them. 

Here's what you should know about Thanksgiving:

1)  I don't like it.
2)  I don't really like turkey all that much
3)  I don't like stuffing that much
4)  I don't like my food to touch
5)  I don't really care for pumpkin pie
6)  I don't like being asked to share my feelings on demand

So what Thanksgiving is...and what it's meant to be are two different things.  What it IS is a celebration of gluttony.  I sound kind of jaded, but I mean at the heart of it, most grown ups are not really spending a lot of time focusing on "giving thanks", they're more focused on "eating a lot of food".

And I want to address number 6 above briefly before moving on..."I don't like being asked to share what I'm thankful for with a lot of people on command."  It makes me extremely uncomfortable.  So when people are actually observing Thanksgiving more in a manner that keeps with the original intention?  I don't like that any better.  Maybe even less.

So back to rest of the list...Turkey is mandatory, and everyone oohs and ahhhs over turkey, but essentially it's a glorified chicken.  And since I don't like stuffing, and mashed potatoes are soso...and I don't do gravy because...issues...and because I don't like the way the red juice of the cranberry sauce seeps into the edges of the mashed potatoes and the stuffing, staining it red and giving it cranberry-like tastes...I don't like thanksgiving dinner.  And I eat it every year.  And it is good...but it's not so good that I'd make it the centerpiece of a damned holiday and virtually require people to eat it and enjoy it.  No.  Not that good at all. 

I like that there's football.  So I like that it gives me something else to focus on besides the turkey.  But I'd skip probably Thanksgiving every year if tradition/family allowed.  But they won't.


  1. I think you should pick a meal (a special one you don't have all the time because it's too labor-intensive, so NOT Bacon Day) and make a holiday out of THAT meal. Not on the same day as Thanksgiving - pick a TOTALLY different day. But do it EVERY year. Make a family thing of it. Starting new fam traditions is always fun. :-)

  2. Lol! I have never met anyone who also dislikes traditional T-day fare! Salmon, ham, those are our T-day meats. Salad, asparagus, sweet potatoes, wild rice. So nice to know I am not alone *sob* ;-)