Wednesday, February 11, 2015


My company just moved headquarters…1.58 miles as the crow flies. I just measured it on Google Earth. 1.58 miles. I’m no longer in an office. Neither is my boss. Not only am I not in an office, but my cube walls are only chest high. My boss now sits behind me. We share a cube wall. He can literally stand up, look over the wall, and read my monitor. He’s talking to someone across the office right now while I write this. I stood up and looked.

You might imagine this will cramp my style social network-wise. And to that I would say…”you’re smart and have a good imagination.”

The level of trust my company is currently offering can be best summed up as follows.

You need a photo id key card to get in the building. Once in the building a security guard scrutinizes you. Just past the guard is a stairway. To get in the stairway, you must use your key card. To get OUT of the stairway…you must use your key card. Elevator? Swipe your key card prior to selecting your floor.

I’m going to be the one person who somehow gets INTO the stairwell, but drops his key card and kicks it out the door as I reach to grab it while the door closes, locking myself in the stairwell for the day.

I love my new office.