Sunday, October 19, 2014

Matthew Modine

Day 19 brings us to Matthew Modine.  This is a topic only because I give shit to a friend of mine about having met him under unique circumstances (that decorum forbids me discussing in blog form).  The essence of the grief-giving is that each time I bring up the topic, I purposely fuck up the name and make the circumstances more ridiculous than the degree of ridiculousness to which they already are.  That sentence seems weird.  This is a weekend post.  Nobody will read it (hopefully not Matthew Modine).  Moving on.

I get the following actors confused in my head:

Matthew Modine
Brandon Frasier
Dermott Mulroney
Dillon McDermott.

Spellings may vary. 

I know that Matthew Modine did "Vision Quest".  I remember primarily because the girl in that movie (escapes me who she was) was smokin' hot, and as a teenage boy (I think maybe 13...14?  Not sure when that movie came out) I tried to watch it through HBO's scrambling in an attempt to see her boobs.  Not sure that she actually gets topless in the movie or not.  I really should close that loop.  Hmmm.  Back in a bit.

Linda Fiorentino???  What the hell??  I don't even find her attractive!  God DAMMIT!  Okay, I don't care if she got topless or not. 

Back to Matthew Modine.  I know he was in other stuff, but that's the only movie I think I can remember that is DEFINITELY him.

Brandon Frasier...The Looney Tunes movies about basketball (SPACE JAM!!  Got it after I finished typing this) and The Mummy.

Dermott Mulroney...some TV show I never watched and The remake of "The Miracle on 34th Street"

Dillon McDermott...that movie with Pretty Woman...what the hell is her name??  ugh.  Julia Roberts!  My Best Friend's Wedding?  I think that's right. 

Okay...take those guys out of those signature (to me) roles...and I have no idea which one is which. 

This might be the worst blog post of the 19 I've written so far.

The End.


  1. UGH! I wish you'd put a photo of to google as I am not sure which one he actually is, now that we've ruled out those others, abd I have Matthew Broderick stuck in my head for no other reason than a common first name!