Monday, January 12, 2015


I spent a lot of time banging my head against the door this past week.  And I know you probably think I mean that figuratively, but I don't.  I mean it literally.  I smacked my head off three seperate doors last week.

First, trying to quickly open the garage door, I whisked open the back door to reach out and stab at the button.  The door hit my foot, which I'd placed directly in front of it for some reason, and, not expecting the door to still be there, continued to reach out for the button.  The door met my face unexpectedly as I reached.

Next, I was putting a suitcase away in Lily's closet.  I pushed the folding doors open, but the left side was hitting against one of her stuffed animals, so I had to push harder to get it open all the way.  Then I let go to grab the suit case and slide it in, and the door closed on my face. 

I know there was a third time, and that's when I decided that my door/face adventures merited a blog post, but I can't remember what it was, possibly owing to the fact that I bashed my head against doors no less than three times. 

I think it might have been the sliding glass door leading to the patio.  Yeah.  I slid open the door to take burgers out to the grill.  I expected it to slide open smoothly, so I was timing it, walking out as it slid open, but it stopped when it hit the shit ton of boots and shoes that were piled up in front of it, and I walked into it. 

Anyway, there was some Facebook debate about what kind of year 2015 will be, and I stated that it HAS to be better than 2014, which was kind of a crappy year all things considered.  But if week two is any indication, I'm very very concerned.

Monday, January 5, 2015


I made two resolutions for 2015:

1)  To chew bubble gum
2)  kick ass

And I'm all out of bubblegum.

Okay, fine...the real resolutions were: 

1)  To write more
2)  To lose the weight I gained back after losing 20 last year (it's about 12 pounds if you're keeping track)

So...resolution 1?  Nailed it, because here it is the first day (REALLY...nobody counts the Friday the 2nd that was a laughable mandatory work day that was sparsely attended at best (except by my group) and CERTAINLY no customers were back yet to trouble my telephone) back from break and I'm writing.  See?  That's called willpower, people.

Resolution 2...I don't know what happened.  Stress eating?  Sometime after I lost the twenty...and I swear I did it the right way, watching what I ate, exercising daily (but not so much that it was a chore) I started just...materializing in front of the pantry.  Maybe it was the Christmas cookies.  Maybe it was that with the holidays upon us, I was so busy with holiday stuff that when free time for exercise popped into my schedule I was too exhausted.  Maybe it was clash of clans.  I don't know.  But whatever it was, the weight slowly creeped back over the course of the last five months, and now I have to plant my staff of power (don't be weird, I'm channeling Lord of the Rings here) firmly in the bedrock and declare, Gandalf-style, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" to any additional weight that thought it might creep back home to the comforting softness and warmth of my belly.

So I'm using myfitnesspal app again, as well as the Nike Fuel band I got for my birthday.  And hopefully getting back to where I want to be.

Back to work, playing a little catch up, but then hopefully things will settle back into a comfortable routine.