Monday, April 2, 2018

We're Walking!

It's here, people!  The walk is here. Man, it snuck up on me again.  Maybe it's better to be a total pain in the ass to people about it just so everyone knows it's coming versus trying not to inundate people with reminders.  Well, regardless...we're basically six weeks away.  The walk is May 12th!  It's time NOW to register and donate, and send me your tshirt sizes so I have enough time to purchase them. 

Regarding the tshirts...when you register to walk or donate or whatever there's a place on the registration form that prompts you for your tshirt size...this is for the Highmark shirts...NOT the Justalilwalk shirts.  I can't even see what you enter there, so if you're walking with us in May...please please please reach out to me on facebook/twitter/ig/text/email or...if ALL ELSE and get me sizes. 

The walk is always a blast and it raises money for a great charity that directly benefits autistic people (both children and adult) and their caregivers.  So...Register now at the link below!!

Link to just a lil walk team page!