Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kicking off 30 Days of Random - Day 0

The Rulez for my 30 Days of Random Topic Blogging were in the Bloggy Doodle Dandy post a few days, ago, but they were:
  • Nothing X/R-rated
  • I'll only write a couple paragraphs
  • I won't use any resources to research the topic...it'll just be whatever I think or have heard or experienced regarding the topic.  (I think that'll make it funnier if I research it after the fact to see just how ignorant I was/am about a topic...maybe I'll post that as a post script on the following day's blog post (if I'm that motivated (I doubt I will be))).
  • I'll solicit feedback on facebook (and here) and post the topics in a Day 0 post.  
  • If I get more than 30, I'll pick the ones I like best.
  • One topic idea per person (I added that one later and then pretended it was there all along)
My crowd sourced inspiration has provided me with the following amazing topic ideas (in no particular order)

1) Matthew Modine October 19
2) Where my time is spent October 11
3) Oreos October 4

4) Cake October 21
5) Candy corn vs. candy pumpkins October 22
6) Halloween costumes October 15
7) A day in the life of a honey badger (with illustrations)October 1
8) Top 5 favorite bands/solo musicians October 10
9) Apples (all about 'em)October 2
10)  Thanksgiving dinner October 27
11)  Shakespearean sonnets or Bruce Springsteen October 17
12)  you can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you can't pick your friend's nose October 9
13)  Fire: Is it a "good" thing or "bad" thing? October 18
14) things in my junk drawer October 16
15) The five things (not people) you'd want if you were stranded on an island with no way off. And why. October 8
16)  Yoga pants October 5
17)  Dealing with the depression that fits along with having a special needs childOctober 3
18)  the effects having a special needs kid has on a marriage October 29

19)  Lemmings and Bananagrams. October 12
20)  Special needs kids and confidence October 20
21)  Siblings of special needs kidsOctober 13
22)  How hard it is to have 2 daughters that are prettier and smarter than you. October 28
23)  Cats October 30
24)  Chia petsOctober 14

25)  Book Review (my choice) October 6
26)  Is it better to freeze to death or burn to death October 7
27)  Balancing siblings October 26
28)  Playlists October 24

29)  the parental autism wire; the intricate fascinating woven web of networking the autism parents enter into and create to find and absorb information when their child is diagnosed. October 23

30)  Blueberries October 25

Some people picked serious topics, autism/special needs stuff, some people picked...not as serious topics.  I'll confine the posts to something that doesn't get out of hand length-wise (since the whole point was to write more frequently, but to keep the post length down).  I can tell you that a couple of these topics I'm completely clueless about.

Lots of food related topics.  I considered doing them in groupings, but that's no fun, cause all the serious ones would be together.  Anyway...I broke my own rule and "researched" the first topic, because I decided it would be illustrated, and I didn't know how to draw a honey badger.  So in order to draw it completely life-like...I looked it up.

Apart from that, I kept myself just as ignorant on the subject matter as you've grown accustomed to over the past few years following my blog!  Please tune in tomorrow for "A Day in the Life of the Honey Badger."

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  1. Too fun! Looking forward to the drawing of the honey badger. :-)