Friday, September 26, 2014

Bloggy Doodle Dandy

So in the spirit of refocusing on writing more frequent (but perhaps a bit shorter) blog posts, I had an idea.  On the previous blog, Dixie Redmond wrote that she was participating (or had participated) in a 31 days of ________ blog idea.  Essentially you pick one topic and devote 31 days of writing different posts on that same idea. 

I'm not doing that.  It's not a stupid idea, it just doesn't appeal to me.  Besides, this blog has been more or less  1000 days of parenting or 1000 days of autism or whatever, so I want to go the other route. 

I want to do a reader submitted blog.  I'll do 30 days (October, I'm thinking) of Random.  On the one hand I feel like it's an exercise in creativity...but on the other hand it's like crowd-sourcing inspiration.  I mean, all I have to do is sit here and write whatever someone tells me they want to hear.

  • Nothing X/R-rated
  • I'll only write a couple paragraphs
  • I won't use any resources to research the'll just be whatever I think or have heard or experienced regarding the topic.  (I think that'll make it funnier if I research it after the fact to see just how ignorant I was/am about a topic...maybe I'll post that as a post script on the following day's blog post (if I'm that motivated (I doubt I will be))).
  • I'll solicit feedback on facebook (and here) and post the topics in a Day 0 post.  
  • If I get more than 30, I'll pick the ones I like best.
  • One topic per person
That's it...crowd-sourcing inspiration.  To be fair to me, I think it will exercise my creativity to take a topic (tapioca pudding, let's say) and try to make it interesting or creative or personal or whatever.  So while having others pick the topic for me might be the lazy man's road to inspiration, I also think it will serve its purpose. 

It reminds me a lot of a game we used to play in high school to pass the time while listening to a teacher lecture us on some boring-ass topic (say...trigonometry, for example).  I would have a friend draw a squiggle/doodle on a page, and I would have to turn it into a picture.
Doodle (this one actually was kind of a hard one. 
But I'm really out of practice)

Some would turn out sort of cool.  Some looked pretty ridiculous, but I enjoyed doing them, and my friends enjoyed trying to stump me.

Please don't try to stump me.  Do you watch "Chopped"?  Whenever they ask for the audience to vote on a basket they end up with RIDICULOUS basket ingredients.  Please don't ask me to make a palatable blog post with the topical equivalent of...american cheese, sour patch kids, chicken feet, and radishes in my mystery basket....
Man in sweatshirt returns soccer ball to baby in stroller


  1. Love the doodle. What a great talent to possess !~!

  2. You are talented as a writer and an artist! I would have just stopped with it being a Rorschach test card. :-) Looking forward to the reader-submitted blogs.

  3. I need a kick start for my blog. Can I steal this idea?