Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wiggly Slap Party

The Wiggles are coming to Pittsburgh.  Today.  We're going to see them tonight.  I have been watching the Wiggles with my kids for no less than eight years.  I'm...*cough* excited...

It's like a guilty sort of excitement.  I would be happy never to watch another Wiggles DVD again as long as I live...but these people (the various ones filling out the colorful "skivvies (yeah...I guess that's a long sleeve crew neck shirt in Australia) have been a steady part of my entertainment diet for as long as Lily's been alive.

So Lily is going to see Emma (new yellow wiggle) and her bow tonight.

Last week we were sitting at the breakfast table.  The Wiggles were in the background.  Lily was imploring Leslie to watch "'nother one!" and I was telling her that it was Emma's turn.  She slapped Leslie across the face. 


We were instantly mad.  She hasn't done that in a while, but she typically gets things her way television-wise, so I guess there hasn't been a reason for her.  She said sorry and we more or less let it slide, plus she doesn't slap super hard. 

"No Adventure Time," she said.  (That was Emma's pick)
"Yes, Lily, it's Emma's turn.  First Adventure Time, then Wiggles," I replied.

She slapped Leslie again. 

Like...what the fuck?  But at the same time, it inexplicably made me laugh.  I'm the one telling her no.  Leslie's taking my beating.

Okay, behavior aside I couldn't help but immediately envision a sort of comedic interrogation room scene where every time I said no, Lily would slap Leslie.  And it...(and I'm not proud of this)...made me want to say...

"We can play this game allllll day long!  No Wiggles!"
"Is that all you've got?  NO WIGGLES!"

Pan over to see Leslie looking at me incredulously.

It just made me laugh.  And Emma laugh.  And Leslie stare at us both in disgust.  And truthfully, laughing at Lily when she beats the shit out of her mother is probably NOT spectacular parenting.  I had a weak moment.

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