Friday, September 26, 2014

Curriculum Night

I went to Emma's school's "Curriculum Night" on Thursday.  It was a chance to see the "new" school and to meet her teachers and get a better handle on their expectations for her.  A couple impressions...

1)  the school is monstrous, and they have two minutes to get from class A to class B.  That's super simple if the class is across the hall, but Emma's classes alternate...Third Floor to First opposite ends of the building.  If she gets even one note home from the school about "tardiness" I'll have a bird on the floor of the district's administration building.

2)  I introduced myself as "Jim Walter.  I'm Emma Walter's mom." There was a long (in my mind) pause followed by, "  You know...whichever."  Laughter followed.  And blushing.  I don't know why the hell I introduced myself as her mom.  It's not like I'm fearful of speaking up and nervous jitters got the best of me...I just blurted out mom.  Anyway. 

3)  There's some really cool stuff going on there, not the least of which is the greater responsibility and more interesting material she's being exposed to. 

4)  I still can't believe I introduced myself as Emma's mom. 


  1. I can believe it. And what a good mom you are.

  2. You rank up in the highest of parenting skills when you are so confident in your role that that just spills out without thinking. I personally Love. It.

  3. Lol! We all do stuff like that! :-)