Thursday, December 22, 2011

Big Timin' It V - Autismwonderland

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Back to our regularly scheduled program.  Less snark, more sensitivity.  I was approached to write a guest post for Lisa over at AutismWonderland.  When I asked if she had any topics in mind, she more or less said, "whatever", explaining that as a father raising two daughters any perspective I shared on her blog would be a unique perspective from her own posts.  She went on to say perhaps something holiday related, about expectations.

I agreed at once, and started a blog post on that topic before scrapping it.  Typically when someone asks me to guest post, I'm able to cobble something together relatively quickly, then I just fine tune it until I'm comfortable sharing.  This time I was coming up blank.  

I decided to ignore the whole "expectations/holiday" theme and just get writing.  It had been a week.  I started another post.  I wrote for what seemed like a long time.  I edited it.  I moved things around so that I felt it flowed better.  Then I read through it one last time before scrapping that too.

It was now two weeks since first being approached.  The topic itself was a distant memory at this point.  But I had an idea.  I had a vision in my mind of taking little brain clips. . . like a movie trailer of memories. . . a clip of Lily here, a clip of Lily there, written in present tense, as if it were happening right now, today. . . and after I started writing it, I tied the clips together with a summary.  When I was done, I found that what I had written could be summarized as follows:  A holiday blog post about expectations.  What the hell??  How had it even happened?  BRILLIANT!  Except I failed to give it a title.  MORON!  She doesn't even know I named it, because I'm just doing it now that I'm realizing I didn't.  We'll call it "Gentle Christmas".

Anyway. . . after you read the post, explore her blog.  It is fantastically organized and there's an amazing amount of categorized information and great blog posts there if you think to look for them. . . and. . . her blog logo is THE BEST.  I'm not kidding.  I don't know who ginned it up for her. . . but I strongly suspect she has an inside connection.

>>AutismWonderland Guest Post:  Gentle Christmas<<
or. . . because she's having issues with her Domain Name currently. . . try this:

>>AutismWonderland Guest Post:  Gentle Christmas<<


  1. Thank you so much for the kind words!! And thanks for your contribution - it's really special!

  2. Thanks for posting that, Jim. I feel more ready to face the coming havoc.

    Happy holidays to y'all.

  3. That is a pretty rockin' logo, isn't it. *jealous*

  4. @kyla - did you like it?
    @AW - thanks for sharing your space with me!
    @Jon - How was the holiday?
    @Kelly - SOooo rockin'. I wonder if she loans him out.