Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Big Timin' It IV: Just A Lil Fluff

I had a religious discussion with Jillsmo at Yeah.  Good Times. yesterday that was turned into a blog post on her website.  Although she called it a "guest post". . . it's really co-authored by her.  I hope not to burn in hell for it.  If you're religiously queasy. . . probably best you not read it.

>>The Hanukka Dialogues<<


  1. As one of your resident Jewish readers, I can honestly say that I loved this one!

  2. Jillsmo is one of my all-time favorite Jews, even though she doesn't talk to me anymore because she is popular now. *sobs*

    I can't ever talk about any of this kind of stuff around here, because people around here have guns. But I would like to.

  3. @Dani - Mazel tov! (not positive I used that correctly)

    @tmw - count your blessings. She talks to me, but only to say mean things.