Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I'm antsy.  Matrix is on in the background.  Lily is asleep.  Emma is showering.  I'm on the treadmill wondering what I should write about.  If anything.  This.  This is what I came up with.

My car sucks in the snow.  I slid around a little bit in it last week.  Every time that happens I think, "my car sucks in the snow.  I really need something better."  I have the minivan, but never drive it.  I don't want two cars.  I just want one.  But it needs room so that I can take kids to the beach or camping or whatever.  It needs AWD or 4WD or something...but I somehow also need it to be a commuter.  What's out there?

I thought maybe a smaller SUV/Crossover.  Maybe a Subaru or something, and i could always just add a Big Mac or whatever to the roof.  Still thinking about it though.  Not sure.

Tank is loading the training for the B212 helicopter into Trinity, and it occurs to me that the flimsy little keyboard shelves he's using for his multiple keyboards is probably akin to the technology I'm using to support my laptop on this treadmill.

That probably sounds like I mean to make my treadmill matrix-like, but mostly it's just a realization that the Matrix operators had shitty keyboard support.

As previously stated, writing more means that sometimes I'll write about ...less.  Just getting back in the habit.'s something.  I find myself putting off autism-friendly things.  They seem overwhelming to me.  Sensory friendly Peter Pan is coming soon.  And I keep looking at the flyer and then putting it in the stack with the other "to be addressed later" stuff.  And I know that part of it is because this was Leslie's strength...pushing me past the inconvenience of staying at home and comfortable.  Pushing Lily's experiences.  I know that I have to pick up that flyer.

"Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson?  That is the sound of inevitability."


"My name is Neo."

Tonight I think.

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