Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finding the Right Gift!

Today I'm posting about giving over at Childswork.  More specifically, I'm posting about 1)  How to decide what to get a child with special needs (although I only really can speak for my kiddo.  I know others are different) and 2)  How sometimes gifts are more of a reflection of a giver than of the recipient.

Also, they've asked me to write weekly for them now instead of twice a month.  So that's fun.  And also they pay me for it.  So it's fun, and baby needs a new pair of shoes.  So know...there's that.

"I did not make this mess."


  1. This is weirdly enough one of the hardest parts of parenting a special kid for me. I want to get him fun toys and see him get all excited... and he could care less. This year we are redecorating his room as a "Christmas present" instead of buying him yet another toy he won't touch. *Sigh*

    1. what does he LIKE? Lily would be happy with a room full of wrapping paper and nobody telling her NOT to rip it. (see above)