Monday, September 5, 2022

Still here

 We had our family fantasy football draft yes- hey!  come back!  this isn't about the draft!  So we had our family fantasy football draft yesterday so I didn't really get to write anything, but I thought about it, and that has to be good.  

Still plugging away at "where to begin" which is weird.  I find that when I have way too much material to cover I end up covering it like an 8th grade history text...very basic, topic sentences, quick description, summary, move on to the next thing.  But sometimes when I really have "nothing" to write about, or maybe it's not nothing, but just "something that I was thinking about", I'll take all the time in the world developing that shit.  Like the creation is the fun part and the mechanics of "what happened and when" is a slog.  

And I don't want it to be a slog, because it's when Eli was born, and the first weeks of the pandemic, and Emma's 18th, but there's SO much that happened, and my memory just isn't what it used to history book.

I think just knowing that it's reading that way should help me 'fix it' by taking more time with it, but it's just depressing to an extent because I think if I ever wanted to write a book, and I had the material and it was all outlined and ready, I would be bored writing it because all the fun stuff would already be done.  Maybe not.  

Angie is getting a haircut and I just put Eli to bed.  Lily is watching her iPad, so it's a decent time to just type out some thoughts.

Oh, and my fantasy football team is not so excellent.  

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