Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Laundry and Asks

One of the things that being previously married did NOT prepare me for was how much granularity there would need to be between a t-shirt, a running t-shirt, or a hanging up "nice" t-shirt.  Every time we do laundry the decision-tree my brain runs through in order to determine what drawer or hanger (also, hang on top (normal clothes) or bottom (I've gained a couple pounds clothes)) each item must be properly housed inside,  approaches legendary-oak-growing-in-the-town-square proportions.  That's not fair.  There are really only three branches to the shirt tree.  Three branches to the leggings tree.  Two branches to the tank top tree.  etc.  But too many fucking branches.

I do recognize, that this also applies to me, to some extent, but you'd think a Chem E graduate in his 40s (clinging tightly to this for a few more weeks...grasping to it) would have little difficulty determining whether these are:  Running leggings, everyday leggings, or lounging/painting leggings.

I put clothes away this morning after you left, Angie, if you're reading this.  See?  You really DO inspire me every day.


I have a bone to pick with you sons-a-bitches and your prom/homecoming "asks".  Each ask is a bit more convoluted and "clever" than the last, and requires a bit more work to complete and...and this is the kicker, people...the fucking parents do them.  THE PARENTS.  This is just like every science project my kid has ever done, but it's for a damn DANCE!

Emma got asked to Hoco by her boyfriend.  Yes, boyfriend, and no...I can't elaborate.  I found out that his mom did his ask sign (He also gave her two dozen roses, so I'm sorta cool with him right now) while I was vehemently arguing AGAINST helping Emma do her friend's boyfriend's ask sign.  (He asked her nicely, gave her $20 for supplies and told her to keep whatever was left for gas money).  So yeah...I did Emma's friend's friend's ask sign for him.  I mean...Emma and I did.

Also...ALSO...you know how she got me to do it??  And don't think I didn't see through this shit INSTANTLY (yet was powerless to do anything about it)...she said, "I love it when we do this kind of stuff together, dad."

Well jesus.  Hope you liked your goddamn ask sign.


Lily is settling back in to the school schedule.  It hasn't been easy, but it hasn't been exactly hard either.  I guess when you do something enough times, even if it seems difficult to someone who hasn't...it's just...the way it is.  She remains happy, healthy, and very Wiggles focused (but also Frozen focused...because branching out).

Lastly, we're all settling in now after the wedding.  Wait...shit...did I post about getting married?  GOD I'm getting old (still in my 40s, still in my 40s, still in my 40s).  I'm going to hit post on this and then have to GO BACK and search for it.  To be fair, my last post was a LONG time ago.  So there's that.  Anyway...married...settling in.  Everything is really going well.

As you were.


  1. You posted honeymoon stuff on Facebook but nothing here. And I am 75.

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  3. Can I just say, as the parent of another autistic little girl, that I think your blog is totally where it's at? I added it to my "followed" list on my blog. I am pretty selective about what autism-related blogs that I read, so sorry if I seem creepy-stalker about it. Not my intention.
    & keep up the good work.