Thursday, February 2, 2017

Making the Cut

Tonight is Lily's big haircut.  Taking her to the salon this time.  I think I've narrowed her look down to three choices, with one MUCH shorter than the others.  And I think I'm going to need to learn how to cut bangs.  But maybe it'll make things easier.

Option 1:  Longer...too long?
Option 2:  Shorter...
Option 3 (Blogger friend's gorgeous daughter) shortest

I've been washing her hair every day.  It makes brushing it sooooo much easier the next day after she sleeps in it, so I think it's been really helping her mood, because there aren't as many tangles to comb through that pull and hurt her head.

Also, we went to Eyeglass World and picked out some new frames for her new prescription.  I liked her old frames, but I think she was getting too big for them.  So she has some new ones now.  Purple.  Like Lachey Wiggle's shirt.

So she'll be a totally new kid next time you see a picture of her...which means I'll have to redo the blog graphic.  Which means I'll have to redo the Walk tshirts...DAMMIT!

But...segue here...

The walk is coming up.  I'm WAY ahead of the game this year.  Already contacted the tshirt guys.  Picked out a color (charcoal gray (they told me that whites don't show up well on black unless you double the ink, and they charge for it) with white lettering and graphic).  Should look cool.  Already got a nod on the sponsorship.  Already registered myself, Emma, and Lily, and set up the team site...Just a Lil Walk.

Soooooo...register/donate/save the date so you can show up and walk with us.

Last night I got eight hours of sleep.  I woke up and the coffee made me wired.  I think this whole time I just thought caffeine was a myth because no matter how much I drank I was still tired.  But

Also down six pounds since I started focusing on my six areas to cure the Blues.

  • Create
  • Workout/eat more betterer
  • Connect with kids
  • Get more sleep
  • Finish a project
 And I'm doing all the things.  Mostly.  I can't do it all, but I find that if I say...okay, I can't be creative or workout tonight, but I CAN get to bed early.  Orrrrr...I can't get to bed early, but I'm excited to finish this project and then hang out and eat popcorn with the kids.  Or long as I'm making a concerted effort to hit at least one or two of the high's good.

Alright...I'll be back soon.  With pictures.


  1. If you start with #3 you'll have the others in a month. Fewer haircuts. Short hair has to be cut often to be maintained. My suggestion is to trim the bangs and let it grow out a bit between cuts.

  2. Bangs trimming is easy - just grab and cut - nothing fancy. Lily looks to have fairly good body in her hair so even if it's a little crooked it will all even out.