Wednesday, May 6, 2015


In the proposal post I lamented the fact that the only picture I could find of Leslie and me in Maine was one that some passer-by had take of us on the rocky coast line.  I found only one other picture and it was of a lighthouse.

Later that day, a friend of mine from Wisconsin emailed me and said...Isn't that picture on the shore of Lake Michigan from when you came to visit us?  I was like...SONOFA!!!

I remember thinking, how could I possibly not have ANY of those pictures?  The only picture I DID have was a damned picture of Lake Michigan.  (Not in Maine for those of you who are geographically challenged).

Last night I promised Leslie's mother that I would look into how to log into my home computer as a guest (Windows 8 makes you login.  It's stupid).  I couldn't remember how I set it up, so I told her I was going to have to run through it so I could explain it.  She wanted to be able to log in and see Lauren's (Leslie's younger sister) commencement.

I was in the process of setting it up when Emma came to stand beside me.  We were chatting about her homework when she picked a box of pictures up from the desk near my elbow and asked me what it was.

"Pictures," I said, dismissively.

"This says 'Maine'," she replied.

"What?  Let me see that!"  I grabbed for the box, and she handed it to me and backed away as if from a serpent.  I rolled my eyes at her.

When I started writing these posts I'd gotten the Maine pictures out and put them on the desk.  I knew I'd be writing about the proposal.  I got all organized.  That was my mistake.  By getting organized I hosed myself.  I looked absolutely everywhere in the house I could think of for those damned pictures...except on the desk where I write blog posts.  Because what the fuck would it be doing THERE?

Short term memory loss is a bear, folks.

Returning to the story soon...


  1. Oh Jim, I have done this sort of thing so many times! ( My Long term memory, however, is great)

  2. Prizes for Emma for "finding" them!