Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Not "The Guy"

Well...I wasn't the guy.  I wasn't the guy who got stuck in the stairwell, unable to key into the hallway to exit the stairs because I dropped my security card and kicked it out the door as it slammed shut behind me (http://www.justalilblog.com/2015/02/secure.html).  No...that guy was my boss.  And it didn't happen in the stairwell.  It was the elevator.

Using the new system he got on the elevator on the fourth floor to a meeting on the fifth floor (I don't know why he wasn't using the stairs...don't judge).  The doors slid smoothly shut and he passed his security card in front of the sensor.  It beeped and turned green and he stabbed at the "5".  Nothing happened. 

He swiped his card again.  Again the sensor beeped and changed from red to green.  He pushed the button for the fifth floor once more, and once more nothing happened.  That was when he attempted to exit the elevator and realized he wasn't authorized to exit elevators...only enter them. 

A moment or two later a coworker, pushing the button to go 'up' outside the elevator opened the doors, and my boss was allowed to leave the elevator he'd entered. 

He's currently using my security card in an attempt to attend his fifth floor meeting.  I've been told to stay at my desk for the next 30 minutes in case he needs assistance.

Good system.

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