Thursday, March 19, 2015

eff you, auticorrect

everyone i know complaibs about autocoitect.  i wonder sometimes if we tryly realize how much work autocoorect does.

i decided to write this blog post from my phone  it's easy because im bot eben goinf to bother editing, spell-checking, etc  im just tuping the way i normally would...with my autocorrect turned off

i looked at mt settings wgen i ahut it off.  It capitaluzes gor me, it predicts my words, ot fices spelling wrrors.  hiw eould my texting turn out witout ot?

like this.  it would turn out like thus.  

oh my god!!!


yeah, maybe in critical when you chang fucking to ducking (i woll never...EVER mean to say ducking), but apart from a weird word sustitution here or thrre...youve saved me from looking like a complete idiot  

i encourage you to turn off your autocorrects in the connents.  you might be surprised how much you appreciate it  


  1. This made me LOL! You're too funny. Thankfully no autocorrect on my laptop. ;)

  2. ha ha ha ha! Yup, we like to complain about it but it has saved my hidea a time or two.