Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Most

Angie was listening to Glennon Doyle's podcast.  She doesn't know who said it, but they said the holidays aren't necessarily the "most wonderful time of the year", they're just the most.  Definitely some truth to that.  

We talked about how women are primarily the creators of the magic and how creation of the magic is super stressful around this time.  I mentioned that I thought it was the memory of the magic that sustains us as we strive to recreate it for our kids.  I do still love the holidays.  But they are a lot.  A lot a lot.

I was reading some Facebook meme that talked about how when someone wishes you Happy Holidays it's not because they hate's because they have no fucking idea what/who you are...christian, atheist, jewish, muslim?  Who knows?  They're just trying to be polite.  I was raised christian.  I love Christmas and I love wishing people a merry Christmas...but I don't do it to strangers, because I want to be respectful.  

Emma was googling the menorah because the place she's working is trying to include some Hanukah in their branding to be more inclusive, and she wasn't sure what candle they were supposed to be lighting.  I like that people want to include more people rather than fewer.  I also get confused by what constitutes inclusivity/diversity and what constitutes cultural appropriation and racism.  And sometimes it makes my head hurt.  And mostly I just try to be a nice person and be respectful but I'm also aware from time to time that's going to offend someone...and that I need to be able to say I'm sorry for things I didn't necessarily intend, but were found offensive.  Not that it comes up much, since I don't really talk to people that aren't in my family, or at work.  But still. Just trying not to be an asshole.  Sometimes when you're trying something you don't succeed at it.  But that doesn't mean you give up. 

Elliott likes Santa.  He's seen him a few times...we have a neighbor (Angie's term for anyone within a one mile radius) who has a "Wiggly Santa".  It's one of those car dealership noodle people that use a blower to wiggle all over and wave at passersby, but it's decorated like Santa.  He asks about it several times a day.  

Elliott doesn't like being called Elliott.  "Not ewiott.  I'M EEH-WI."  That's adorable Elliott.  Kidding.  Mostly.  We call him Eli for the most part I think.

Lily just turned 17.  She got some new shoes.  Now she has a couple changeups from the Van's...some hiking shoes and a cute pair of suede boots.  We'll see how that works out.  Still waiting for the waterproofing spray from Amazon, so I'm really careful a bout when she wears the boots.  She seems mostly unperturbed by the holiday season as long as there's an iPad on her lap and orange drink in her cup.

We're ready for Christmas now.  Getting the house prepped for Christmas Eve surf 'n' turf.  It's one of my favorite things about Christmas.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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