Monday, January 22, 2018

The Big List Of 50 Cheerful Things

I can't honestly say what prompted me to remember this.  I often forget it for long stretches of time.  Maybe it was that I was feeling down, or maybe I saw something that cheered me up and was on the list, but a long time ago (longer than three years ago (more on that in a minute)) I created a list of "cheerful things".  They weren't necessarily things that, by themselves, made me happy, they were just cheerful.  And sometimes cheerful things CAN jar you out of a blue mood, or at least nudge you in the right direction.  So I posted it on Facebook in notes or someplace that I was never really able to consistently find, and then a few years later Facebook added a feature that allowed you to "save" things, so I did that and was able to finally find the list when I wished...or remembered.  Like now.

I say "longer than three years ago" because that's when Facebook says I posted, it, but I'm almost positive it was more like five years ago, and I copied and pasted the list into a post of some kind, and THAT is what Facebook is saying is three years old, not the list itself.  You can comment on it here:  The Big List of Cheerful Things

People commented on it, and I updated it with the ones I agreed with, encouraging people to write their own lists since I didn't agree with them all.

For your perusal, comment, edification, I have pasted it below, complete with new items.
  1.  Happy toast (cinnamon and sugar on buttered toast)
  2.  Honey bears
  3.  Balloons
  4.  Daisies
  5.  Bubbles (like with wand in the bottle)
  6.  Sunshine
  7.  Rainbows
  8.  Cotton candy
  9.  Baby animals
  10.  Limericks
  11.  Children's laughter
  12.  Purring of cats
  13.  Being licked by dogs
  14.  Swimming
  15.  Berries
  16.  Dancing
  17.  Sunflowers
  18.  Getting mail
  19.  Listening to the rain
  20.  Twizzlers
  21.  Eating sunflower seeds
  22.  Making a snowman
  23.  Cookies
  24.  Eating watermelon
  25.  Photo bombing
  26.  Dog's wagging tail (especially when it thumps accidentally against things)
  27.  Baby toes
  28.  Maple tree helicopter seed pods
  29.  The first crocus blooms
  30.  The creaking sound of a new book opening for the first time
  31.  The smell of old books
  32.  The deep bass thumping sound of closing a large book (yeah...I guess I really like books)
  33.  The smell of freshly brewed coffee
  34.  A campfire
  35.  Roasted marshmallows
  36.  The tug of a fish on the line
  37.  Finding money in your pocket
  38.  The jingle of coins/change
  39.  Skipping
  40.  Running downhill
  41.  Seeing home after a long vacation
  42.  Popping bubble wrap
  43.  Amusement Parks
  44.  The sound of surf
  45.  The sizzle of bacon in the pan
  46.  Getting the first scoop from a jar of peanut butter/tub of butter/container of ice cream
  47.  Unexpected compliments
  48.  The feeling of soft soft fur
  49.  Popcorn
  50.  Watching animals goof off (pandas, dogs, otters, baby sloths...doesn't seem to matter)
This is not a complete list, so if you see any glaring exclusions, please share.