Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Trick or Treaters

The bad news is, I haven't written a post since the end of the 30(one) days of Random.  The good news is...that was only four days ago! 

I feel like probably people are worn out talking about how Halloween went, at least in the autism community.  Holidays are such a hot button topic, but maybe I'm just jaded because I see it so much on Facebook. 

A few weeks ago I wrote a post for Glade Run about giving Lily a break from the things that I expect her to enjoy, "Halloween Break".  In it, I more or less indicated that as much as I enjoy Halloween, if Lily doesn't enjoy it, then maybe it's not super important for me to perseverate on getting her to go house-to-house.

We do still try though, and this year...well...this year she did it.  And she didn't just "do" it.  She did it.  She wanted her costume on.  She herself told Leslie (and Papa, who took her door to door so that someone would be home) that it was time to go.  She went to the houses (maybe a little too willingly) and said the words.  Mostly.

Lily walked with her papa to our neighbors.  When they opened the door to her she said, "Trick or treaters" and walked in.  She walked down the hall and investigated their kitchen before papa retrieved her and they moved on to the next house...where she similarly said "trick or treaters" and also walked into their home and walked around to see what was up.

Our neighbors know Lily.  It was no big deal.  At one point someone corrected her.  I don't know if it was papa, trying to get her to say "trick or treat" or if it was one of the neighbors.  Lily said, "I like trick or treaters" and kept saying it.  I liked that.

Meanwhile, one neighborhood to the north, Emma and her friends along with me and my friend, roamed the streets collecting candy.  I got a rock.  And a beer.  It was a success.

At our house we had record numbers of children swarming our home looking for treats.  Like...25 maybe.  Seriously...that's our record.  25.  Last year we had six.  Lots of leftovers.

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