Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Third Walk from the Sun

I feel bad/good about the walk, but really mostly good.  The only actual bad thing is that I lowered our goal amount because I wasn't feeling as tied into my network as I have in the past.  I haven't been blogging as much recently, and so I feel a little isolated from that community.  It's my own fault.  Facebook has become a big time's completely my fault...and being more tied into facebook does have its support/autism benefits, but this was just the down side.

The good parts were these...

1)  We made new tshirts this year.  I finally pulled the trigger on spending a little more for them, so the shirts are a nice light weight nano cotton like a higher quality tshirt you might buy for yourself, and navy (so they can go with about anything) and the bacon tragedy meme is on the back (which got a LOT of feedback from other walkers who saw it and read it).

My nephew wears it well

Sidebar:  My niece was walking.  A woman came up to her and complimented her on her shirt.  She said something to the effect of..."I like your shirt.  My nephew has autism and he also really loves bacon.  (long pause) I wonder if there's some sort of link there."  My niece sort of politely smiled and nodded and was laughing about the story later.  Seriously...almost everyone loves bacon.  There's no link.

2)  The shirts were sponsored by Bill Few Associates.  At the end of the sign up the sponsorship didn't completely cover the cost of the shirts, but that's sort of a good thing.  Because...

3)  We had a shitload of people walk with us.  I think it's great that people give.  I think it's great that the charity got a lot of money...but it's one thing to cut a check, and a step above that still to cut a check and then show up at 7:45 and walk three miles.  We ended up with 50+ walkers.  It's SO cool to see a wall of blue shirts with Lily's logo on them all walking together.  Love it.
Just A Lil Walk Team

4)  Meeting friends.  My friend Jennifer drove from Delaware to walk with us.  We talk on Facebook (see above "benefits of being more tied into facebook").  I walked with her and had a blast.

Jim and Jennifer

5)  Everyone seemed to have fun.  Lily loved seeing her friends from school.  Emma loved walking with hers as well.
A meeting of the minds.
Where Jace goes, Lily follows.

6)  The weather was nice.  It threatened rain several times, and it was brisk, but it stayed sunny and was quite comfortable for walking.

and finally...

7)  We hit our goal.  The goal was $2,500, and currently the charity shows that we're at $2,515.  I still have $75 worth of unsent checks for ABOARD, and a couple other possible donors who indicated they might contribute (you can still do that through the website) here.  So at least $2,590 to the charity.  I didn't think we'd get there.  This is down about a grand from last year, but like I said, I didn't expect as much as last year.  So we hit it.  Thanks everyone who contributed and walked and we'll see you all (hopefully) again next year.


  1. Yeah, stupid Facebook ruins everything.

    Congratulations on meeting your goal! It looks like a really happy day. Great job!

  2. It looks like you earned way more than $$ this year! And now I need a BLT...not want, NEED!

  3. Sorry I didn't make it. It was our last morning with the last of the 3 dogs :(. Your links from facebook to here get read, and in the long run a blog avoids the poor tools that facebook has to have a conversation over more than a few days.