Friday, October 11, 2013

Pliés and Thank you

Lily is dancing, watching High School Musical (The Concert).  She is jumping exuberantly, straight-legged, pounding the floor as she lands.  Emma, draped half on and half off the couch, cultivating languor, glances up at her.

"Lily," she says tiredly, "You have to land in a plié, or you'll hurt your knees."

From the kitchen I roll my eyes.  Emma repeats this instruction.

"Em," I say, "Lily has no idea what a plié is." (And if we're being honest, neither do I) "You'll have to show her.

"She knows," she tells me, but then watches as Lily completes four or five more stomping stiff legged bounces.  "Lily, show me a plié!" 

Lily jumps again, performing some sort of complicated kick.  Emma shakes her head.  "No that's a  passé!  Show me a plié!"

I chuckle at this and shake my head at her, rising from the table and wandering just out of the room, busying myself with something or other.  Emma gathers herself and climbs to her feet, positioning herself in front of Lily and adopts an instructive tone.  "Like this!" I hear her say.  A moment passes.  "No, like this!" She repeats.  I hear bouncing.  "Great job, Lily!" I hear at last.

These...these are the happy little seeds, planted by my children, that blossom into awesome days for me.

Lily now attends dance once a week!


  1. So awesome. So, so awesome!! And SO happy Lily gets to enjoy dance!!!! I am hoping they make K's dance class more "ballet" oriented, soon (I might have just filled out a survey where I didn't just circle my choice, but made arrows pointing to it. K wants to do "real" dance, but the typical classes just didn't work. Her class now is more movement, but she desperately wants to do ballet, so of course when they asked if that is something kids would like, I might have gotten a little over exuberant with my multiple choice answer.) AND, it's also great Emma is so into teaching her sister, and being patient, and being confident Lily can do it!

    1. still remember your story in "Wit and Wisdom" Jen...

  2. How come all the sweet stuff happens when I am not there? Emma's dance instructor would be so proud that not only does she know the correct terminology, but she recognizes the benefits of dancing correctly. Lily's dance class is right now strictly movement, but who knows where it will go. My heart is just so filled with Joy that I can take Lily every week to a place (that is not McDonalds) that is truly for her enjoyment.

  3. This is awesome!!!! So happy for your girls! And of course for you and the wifey :)

  4. This made my heart, well, dance. :-)

  5. Sounds like Emma and Lily should give you lessons too.

  6. I love this. your girls sound so amazing

  7. Big sisters of special kids are something else, aren't they? :)

  8. That's so awesome that Lily's found an activity! (That word always makes me think of Stepbrothers. "There's so much room for activities!)