Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thank you! (Week 2)

I know she looks disappointed in you.  But she's not.  She's really psyched!
We finished off week 2 with a bang. And listen, I do realize I haven't posted a real actual blog post for almost two weeks, and lots of stuff has been going on, so it's going to happen, but it's been really busy. For some reason I've been traveling for work more of late. That's not to say I'm traveling a lot. It's still only twice in three weeks, but considering prior to that I'd only traveled twice in three years, it seems like a lot. Softball season started (Emma's team is 3-0 so far. . . holy crap, I'll have to tell you about the game Emma pitched. . . it was a thing of beauty), and we've been doing some speech and psych evals for Lil, and investigating ESY programs, so it just seems really really busy.

Anyway, on to the thank yous. Last week I said we'd gotten contributions or pledges totaling about $1,045. This week our total is up to $1,485. Up $440. If the teams "competed" to beat each other, and of course they don't, it's all about the charity (they totally do though), we're in first place and beating next nearest competitor by more than twice.

Thank you all for your continued support. We've got to get a final count on the team, so we can finalize tshirts, but we'll continue taking donations right up until the event (May 19th).

These generous people donated within the past week!

Amy, Tim, & Morgan - Real life local-type people. . . dance moms, softball coaches and friends of my daughter.
Bridget - Blogger, Tweeter, I feel like saying, hero, lover, but we'll stop at blogger and tweeter. Find her here:
Cary and Robyn - Twitter people. I don't honestly even know that they follow the blog, but they saw my tweet requesting help, and answered the bell! Thanks!
Cathy, Jim, Elisa & Noah - dinner buddies, religious studies debaters, and friends of the kids. Thanks guys!
Charmaine, Flynn, Anthony & Brady - "Old" friends. . . like grew up with Leslie old. Not saying Leslie's old. . . christ, I'm not getting out of this one. 
Jacqui - Twitterer, blogger, and purveyor of snark, she writes here:
Jennifer Gillam - Jennifer just came out of the clear blue sky from Facebook.
Jodi - Another "old" friend of Leslie's. I'm not saying she's old either.
Kim & Tom - Aunt Kim and Uncle Tom. Hi guys! Thanks!
Lauren - Aunt Lauren. . . we attended her wedding last year. . . it was the subject of a blog post or two. Thanks!
Leigh & Nicole - Dance mom and softball/dance buddy of Emma.
Michael, Lisa, Alyson & Evan - Yet another dance connection!
Paula Miller - Just a nice person who Leigh convinced to donate. Thanks, Paula!

That's the week two contribution wrap up. Not to beat a dead horse, but the response has been fantastic. The tshirt design is in, and I got my first proof back from the screen printer last week. We still have to work on a couple things, finalize on the tshirt brands and get him counts on sizes, and then we're good to go.

I underestimated participation by. . . well by a fair bit, so I'm scrambling a little to cover the delta in the tshirts, but no biggie. Still haven't decided the final color of the shirts, but it's either Carolina Blue or Purple.

Here's the important thing. . . I have very limited time to get sizes and counts in to the screen printer, so the sooner you get me sizes and plans to participate the better. I'm planning to get final walker total to the printer by Monday or Tuesday of this coming week. Time's running out!

Also also, if you've set up the "Pledge now Pay later option", I can send you my address for the checks to Aboard. Let me know if you need that.

Thanks again everyone, and I'll update again in the very near future!


  1. Yay! And the donations keep pouring in!

    I love Lily's new glasses! Very grown-up! And can't wait to hear about Emma's game!

  2. How long can I avoid this.....
    You are making this way too easy for me to donate.

    1. you only have to avoid it until 5/19. . . then it will totally disappear!